Targeted Email Lists

Email marketing is essential for growing business, but only some things are free. Email marketing lists typically cost between $100 and $600 (CPM cost per mile) or the price of 1000 email addresses.

However, this is not the case with Leads Munch. We offer you high quality listings at very reasonable prices.

This email address depends on the quality of the email, and what kind of person is on the list, the cost of the email can vary, so let’s find out how much the email lists on are worth of our site.

  • The price of the consumer list ranges between $100-$400 per thousand miles of CPM
  • Similarly, business Email lists are a little bit high which is around $600 to $1000+ per thousand Emails (CPM)
  • The list price varies depending on the quality and person; therefore, targeted Email lists are much more expensive, and business to the business list of Emails are more expensive than the consumer list.
  • When you purchase an Email list, you aim for a single user.

Is It Wrong To Buy The Email List?

Whether you are targeting consumer, business, or specific email lists, you must buy the email list. If you buy from another platform, you may face difficulties from fake emails. However, this is not the case with Leads MUnch. You should be concerned about fraud.

We make sure leads come from real people who will help you increase your sales.

How to Improve the Response from the Leads Bought from Leads Munch

There are some important ideas that you can follow to increase the response

  • Produce the pitch.
  • Focus on the headline and the content.
  • Create offers and discounts. Offer the same in the headline.
  • Send the pitch to different users and wait for the result. Your sales are going to roll.

What To Do Instead Of Buying The Email List?

Some marketers believe there are better ways to promote your business than buying an email list. It’s just a myth, building an email list is a good and practical idea. According to the Direct Marketing Association’s 2019 report, email marketing revenue is approximately 42$ for every dollar spent, which translates to a 42 times return on investment.

So creating your own email is a better and easier way to reach people, not just anyone, but real people. So is still time to start creating your email address or you can use LeadsMails platform to buy secure mailing list to promote business.

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